Civil and Human Rights Coalition Responds to White House Renomination of Judicial Candidates

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For Immediate Release
Contact: Shin Inouye, 202.869.0398,

Wade Henderson,
president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights,
issued the following statement following the renomination of 42 of President
Obama’s judicial nominees:

Obama’s decision to renominate dozens of judicial candidates is an encouraging
sign for justice. It’s also an opportunity for the new Senate to demonstrate
its commitment to act responsibly to fill the unprecedented number of court
vacancies, many of which have been declared ‘judicial emergencies.’

Over the
last two years, the Senate Republican minority shamefully abused Senate rules
to delay and deny confirmation votes to scores of well-qualified individuals
seeking to serve their country in the judicial and executive branches of
government. The disrespect shown to our federal courts has prompted Chief
Justice Roberts to criticize the Senate for blocking judicial nominations and
has led Sen. Patrick Leahy to denounce his colleagues for ‘crippling our
courts’ ability to fulfill their constitutional role.’

qualified nominees such as Goodwin Liu, Edward Chen, John McConnell, and Louis
Butler deserve an up-or-down confirmation vote on the Senate floor. We urge
senators of both parties to put partisanship aside and exercise their advise
and consent role with respect to the President’s nominees.”


Henderson is the president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and
Human Rights, a coalition charged by its diverse membership of more than 200
national organizations to promote and protect the rights of all persons in the
United States. The Leadership Conference works toward an America as good as its
ideals. For more information on The Leadership Conference and its 200-plus
member organizations, visit