Coloradans Uphold Equal Opportunity

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Washington, DC – Following an unmatched ground campaign, the result of Tuesday’s vote on the Colorado ballot initiative, Amendment 46, was announced today, bringing with it an important victory for supporters of equal opportunity. 

By rejecting Amendment 46, Colorado upheld equal opportunity and preserved initiatives that would promote equal access to opportunity for all Coloradans.  Colorado is the first state to vote down anti-opportunity initiatives backed by California millionaire Ward Connerly.

Wade Henderson, President of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, released the following statement:

“On Tuesday, Coloradans defeated Amendment 46, an attack on equal opportunity and, in casting their votes, they spoke up for the idea that everyone deserves a fair chance.

This is a huge victory for Colorado, and for the country.  It is a confirmation that the ideal of equal opportunity is core to who we are as a nation.

America’s financial crisis has shown that we’re all in this together when it comes to our economy. We can’t afford to see any community excluded from participation and that’s why Colorado rejected this cynical attempt to divide.

Despite this significant victory, there remains much work to be done to ensure that all people have equal access to opportunity in America.  We will continue to push for equal educational opportunity and push back on the cynical attempts of California millionaire Ward Connerly to divide us. The American people know that the need to maintain a commitment to equal opportunity for every American citizen is more important than ever.

We hope that this year’s historic presidential election and victory in Colorado will be a call to all Americans to rededicate themselves to these core values.”