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The Nation's Premier Civil and Human Rights Coalition

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights  & The Leadership Conference Education Fund
The Nation's Premier Civil and Human Rights Coalition

Judiciary Websites from Leadership Conference Members/Partners

Alliance for Justice (AFJ)

Independent Courts & Fair Judges: The fairness and independence of this most important instrument must be preserved.  Fair courts and independent judges help ensure the protection of vital rights and freedoms.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Supreme Court Resources

Earthjustice and Community Rights Counsel

Judging the Environment: A joint project tracking federal judicial nominations and courts.

Feminist Majority

Feminist Court Watch: Critical women's rights and civil rights cases have been decided by narrow vote margins in the current Supreme Court, including affirmative action, family and medical leave, and women's equal educational opportunities.

Human Rights Campaign

Equality in the Courts: A fair-minded judiciary is critical to the civil rights of all Americans. Courts confront important issues that affect our daily lives and may determine whether LGBT Americans gain the equal rights promised by the Constitution.

Lambda Legal

Fair Courts Project: You have a role to play. Help make sure that courts can continue to make decisions based on the federal and state constitutions and other laws – not politics or popular opinion.

National Women's Law Center

Judges & the Courts: Over the last 35 years the federal courts have given life and meaning to legal rights for women. But these precious gains have been jeopardized by the appointment of judges to the federal courts who do not support the fundamental rights and principles that are critical to women.

Native American Rights Fund (NARF)

Tribal Supreme Court Project: The purpose of the Project is to strengthen tribal advocacy before the U.S. Supreme Court by developing new litigation strategies and coordinating tribal legal resources, and to ultimately improve the win-loss record of Indian tribes.

People for the American Way 

Fair & Just Courts: Federal judges and Supreme Court justices — appointed to lifetime terms — play a profound role in safeguarding our rights. We're fighting to keep our courts free, fair, and independent.

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