Coalition Outreach Checklist

Categories: Field, Forum

It is in the best interest of coalition building to involve other groups as early as possible in the planning process. This may lengthen the process and could result in more negotiation, but it will build better long-term relationships among organizations.

Make a list of existing organizations or reach out to new ones

Following are suggested types of organizations to contact:

  • Hispanic organizations

  • Asian/Pacific American organizations

  • Middle Eastern American organizations

  • African-American organizations

  • South Asian American organization

  • Gay and lesbian organizations

  • Student organizations

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Policy Centers

Contact local groups to co-sponsor the event

Contact local groups through e-mail, fliers, newsletters, and phone trees, or attend their meetings. Invite them to co-sponsor the event, help plan it, and/or send participants.

Remember: After the event, thank and debrief coalition partners

Follow up to discuss ways to work together in the future on common issues of interest. 

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