House Committee Votes to Cut Dedicated Funding for Federal Transit Programs

Categories: News, Transportation Equity

Over the opposition of state transportation departments, the National Urban League, Transportation for America, the American Public Transportation Association, and a diverse coalition
of other organizations, the House Ways and Means Committee today passed
a bill that would strip dedicated funding for public transportation.
The move cast aside a 30-year history of providing dedicated funding for
federal transit programs.

The Leadership Conference and
transit supporters say gutting a reliable source of funds for mass
transit would hurt millions of people who depend on public
transportation to reach employment, health care, and educational
centers. People of color, low-income people, and people with
disabilities – the communities most dependent on transit – are disproportionately affected by the decisions of both rural and urban transit agencies.

the bill is approved by the full House, it would need to be reconciled
with a vastly different Senate bill. Congress is seeking to pass a new
surface transportation bill by the end of March.