It’s Time to Vote

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As voters head to the polls today,  the civil and human rights community is working tirelessly to ensure the rights and votes of all Americans.

The 2008 election represented the most diverse electorate ever, with African Americans (12.1 percent), Hispanics (7.4 percent) and Asians (2.5 percent) voting in record numbers.The election was a high point of American democracy and a milestone on the path toward the goal of a truly universal franchise. And despite efforts to block it, the nation will continue down that path in 2012.

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters are the nation’s fastest growing racial group and are expected to vote in record numbers.There are 22 percent more Latinos eligible to vote in 2012 than there were in 2008. And there will be about 16 million more potential young voters in 2012 than there were four years ago.

Now it’s up to all of us to turn out and continue to build a diverse and inclusive democracy.

A sampling of resources for ensuring and protecting the right to vote.

AAPD’s Voter Resource Center

AAUW Action Fund’s VoteHER Toolkit

ACLU’s Get Ready to Vote

Advancement Project

Asia and Pacific Islander American Vote

Asian American Justice Center’s Resources for Voting and Language Assistance

Election Protection

Every Native Vote Counts

Human Rights Campaign’s Vote for Equality

League of Women Voters Education Fund

League of Young Voters

NAACP’s This is My Vote

South Asian Vote!

Video the Vote

Voting with a Disability

Watch: Every Voter Counts to learn more about how civil rights advocates have been fighting to protect the vote for all Americans.