Sample Timeline

Categories: Field, Forum

6 Weeks Out

  1. Appoint organizer and planning team
  2. Contact coalition partners
  3. Decide on an audience

5 Weeks Out

  1. Plan budget
  2. Decide on location and format
  3. Ask/invite potential moderator and speakers

4 Weeks Out

  1. Confirm date and location
  2. Confirm moderator/panel speakers
  3. Increase audience recruitment

3 Weeks Out

  1. Begin advertising event
  2. Compile list of media contacts
  3. Send invitations to coalition partners and other important guests

2 Weeks Out

  1. Re-confirm speakers
  2. Confirm attendance and send reminder notice
  3. Prepare on-site handouts and media packet
  4. Choose media spokesperson(s)

5 Days Out

  1. Fax media advisory
  2. Finalize media packets
  3. Call coalition partners to assess attendance

2 Days Out

  1. Make reminder turn-out calls
  2. Review speeches

Day of Event

  1. Fax news release in the early AM
  2. Debrief: Did you meet your goals

After Event

  1. Follow up with media
  2. Thank participants
  3. Relax… It’s Over!


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