Video: What the Federal Government Must Do to Tackle Unemployment

Categories: Economic Security, News

Last week, the Jobs for America Now coalition, which includes The Leadership Conference, hosted an informative webinar examining the dire effects of the U.S. jobs crisis and the steps that must be taken to enable Americans to get back to work.

In this video excerpt from the webinar, Lawrence Mishel of the Economic Policy Institute and Deepak Bhargava of the Center for Community Change describe how the jobs crisis is hurting the nascent economic recovery and and doing long-term damage to families and their hopes for a better future. They also outline a five-point program for federal action that will provide critical support for those out of work, spur faster job creation and economic growth, and improve the outlook for federal deficits. In addition, Alan Charney of USAction provides a number of tools for letting Congress know that its time to create jobs.