AUDIO: Voting Rights Experts Discuss Poll Closure Epidemic in Arizona

New report finds 320 poll closures in Arizona since 2012

Kristen Voorhees, The Leadership Conference Education Fund, [email protected], 202.548.7166
Kelly Brewington, All Voting is Local, [email protected], 202.548.7159

WASHINGTON – The Leadership Conference Education Fund held a telebriefing today to discuss the staggering number of polling place closures in Arizona, a state with a long history of racial discrimination in its election system. The Education Fund’s recently released report, “Democracy Diverted: Polling Place Closures and the Right to Vote,” found that 13 states shuttered 1,688 polling places since the 2012 general election cycle.

“Some polling place closures may be valid. But we must recognize that often the very same states closing polling places are also pushing discriminatory voting measures, including barriers to registration, voter purges from the rolls, and photo ID requirements,” said Leigh Chapman, voting rights program director at The Leadership Conference Education Fund. “This larger constellation of discrimination at the ballot box, coupled with the sheer number of closures identified in our report, demands immediate action. Congress must pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act (H.R. 4) to restore the preclearance system of the Voting Rights Act and ensure we have the tools we need to address racial discrimination in voting.”

“In every election since 2013, we’ve seen evidence of voter confusion and long lines that indicate significant barriers to the ballot that must be removed so that every voice is heard,” said Alex Gulotta, Arizona state director for All Voting is Local. “Voting shouldn’t be confusing. When one voter has trouble at the polls, that problem ripples throughout the system, increasing wait times, overwhelming poll workers, and causing would-be voters to walk away from long lines without ever casting a ballot.”

The audio recording of this call is available here.

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