Fighting for a federal judiciary that upholds the promise of equal justice for all

Fighting for Fair Courts

The federal courts are not working for all of us. Too often, courts favor the wealthy and powerful over everyday people, creating corrupt outcomes and perpetuating inequality. For our democracy to work as it should, judges must be committed to achieving the promise inscribed on the Supreme Court: “Equal Justice Under Law.” That’s how we protect our rights — including voting rights, access to health care, LGBTQ equality, disability rights, protections for immigrants, rights of working people, freedom from discrimination based on religion, environmental protections, gun safety, and more.

President Biden has nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a brilliant and fair-minded jurist, to the U.S. Supreme Court. This is a tremendous moment for all of us — one that will reverberate for generations — as President Biden has delivered on his promise to nominate the first Black woman to the highest court in the land. Judge Jackson has the demonstrated commitment to civil and human rights and exceptional qualifications that we need on the Supreme Court. This nomination is about protecting the rights of all people, and Judge Jackson will be a #JusticeForAll.


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