Civil Rights News: Free Testing on Medicare, Jobs & the Deficit, Stimulus vs. Inflation, PBS Stonewall Riot Documentary

Medicare is now offering some free tests and services
The Washington Post

Seniors with Medicare coverage are now eligible to receive free health tests, services and an annual wellness exam. Most seniors, though, are unaware of these preventative health measures provided by the new federal health care law.

The Deficit Is Jobs, but There Is a Deficit of Jobs
The Huffington Post

“If you want to fix the huge deficits you have to create more jobs, and better-paying jobs,” writes Dave Johnson. The more Congress spends on unemployment and budget cuts, the greater the deficit will become, he says.

Fed chief Ben Bernanke faces decision on inflation

The L.A. Times

The United States Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and his team are contemplating “whether it’s time to begin putting on the financial brakes to avoid a potentially dangerous surge in inflation or instead keep stimulus policies in place to help keep the still-vulnerable recovery moving ahead.”

Stonewall Uprising

June 28, 1969, “marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement.” This documentary examines the spark to the movement known as the Stonewall riots that began in NYC’s Greenwich Village.

Compiled by Sergio Azcona, a spring 2011 intern