DREAMer Stories

Colorlines has a great piece up today telling the story of undocumented youth who would have been put on a path to citizenship had the Senate passed the DREAM Act this weekend:

That the DREAM Act made it as far as it did in 2010 is a testament to a national, youth-led grassroots movement that has waged a remarkable campaign on its behalf since Barack Obama’s election. Mainstream news media has spent much of the past two years hailing the arrival of the tea party’s populism, which has turned out to be the work of a handful of rich and powerful players. But people looking for proof of a real grassroots effort—a decentralized, inclusive, aggressive movement that delivers results and will not be ignored—need look no further than the DREAMers, as the undocumented immigrant youth activists are often called, who stormed Capitol Hill and mobilized the immigrant rights community to win its first major legislative victory in decades.


Also – Check out Leadership Conference President Wade Henderson’s statement on the DREAM Act vote.