Courts Change Lives: New Videos Explain What’s at Stake in Our Federal Courts

WASHINGTON –The Leadership Conference Education Fund today launched Courts Change Lives, a new online resource featuring three videos emphasizing the consequential role our federal courts play in interpreting and upholding the law. The videos highlight immigration, equal pay, and police brutality as just a few examples of how courts affect marginalized communities. “Every day federal judges make decisions that influence our lives,” said Kristine Lucius, executive vice president of policy at The Leadership Conference Education Fund. “While you may never set foot in a courtroom, what happens behind those doors can have a direct impact on you and millions of other people throughout the country.”

The site details the importance of judicial impartiality for these lifetime appointments. These courts are the last line of defense for immigrants, women, and people of color seeking just and fair treatment. The more people know about the courts, the more equipped they will be to advance meaningful change to the judicial system.

For more information, please visit Courts Change Lives.

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