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Press Release 09.30.20

The Leadership Conference Education Fund Welcomes James Rucker as New Board Chair

WASHINGTON – The Leadership Conference Education Fund announced James Rucker as its new board chair effective September 23. Rucker is a co-founder and board member of Color Of Change, who also serves on the boards of the Southern Poverty Law Center Action Fund and He will replace Carolyn Osolinik who has served as The Education Fund’s board chair since 2019.

Uncategorized 07.29.20

Civil Rights Groups Call for Strong Guardrails in Hiring Assessment Technologies

WASHINGTON – The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, The Leadership Conference Education Fund and more than 24 civil rights, employment, and privacy organizations today introduced principles to guide the development, use, auditing, and oversight of hiring assessment technologies. The groups urge policymakers, vendors, and employers to protect the civil rights of working people by ensuring new assessment tools that rely on algorithms and artificial intelligence do not further entrench decades of discrimination. Without guardrails in place, new assessments threaten to perpetuate unjust hiring practices based on race, ethnicity, sex, disability, age, and other factors.

Press Release 06.26.20

Census Counts Launches ‘Stories for Change’ Series to Boost Digital Organizing

WASHINGTON – The Census Counts campaign today launched Stories for Change, an expanding and downloadable series of videos, quote graphics, and infographics featuring storytellers and census advocates connecting census participation to a wide spectrum of advocacy, including racial justice, immigration, disability, labor, and faith. Each featured participant speaks directly to their own communities on the opportunity the 2020 Census presents to claim the funding, resources, and political power they deserve. The series of three videos were developed in partnership with Arab American Institute, the Arab Resource Organizing Center, The Arc, and Faith in Public Life.

Press Release 05.18.20

Civil Rights, Law Enforcement Leaders Urge Police to Protect Public Health while Safeguarding Rights

WASHINGTON – Noting an increase in discriminatory policing practices during COVID-19, The Leadership Conference Education Fund released principles that provide actionable recommendations for law enforcement agencies across the country to better protect the health and safety of communities and officers during the pandemic and beyond. The principles, Public Safety During COVID-19 and Beyond: Recommendations for Protecting Public Health and Our Civil Rights, received endorsements from more than 100 civil rights organizations and law enforcement groups, including The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), and Carmen Best, Chief of the Seattle Police Department, Washington and Rashall Brackney, Chief of Police for Charlottesville Police Department, Virginia.

Press Release 05.13.20

144 Organizations to Congress: 2020 Census COVID-19 Plans Can’t Keep Communities Undercounted for Yet Another Decade

WASHINGTON – The Census Counts campaign, housed at The Leadership Conference Education Fund, led 143 other organizations in urging Congress to take action to prevent an unacceptable and unusable 2020 Census in the wake of COVID-19 by supporting significant enhancements to the methods that have been specifically designed to count historically undercounted communities. The U.S. Census Bureau needs a clear and detailed plan that includes increases in outreach so that it can execute these census operations in a way that is safe, fair, and doesn’t leave communities behind.

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