Brazil Elects Its First Woman President

Dilma Rousseff

An official photo from Rousseff's campaign.

Pretty inspiring stuff:

An emotional Rousseff said her government would seek to eliminate poverty by the end of her four-year term, and pledged to keep spending on welfare programs and infrastructure projects aimed at vaulting Brazil to developed-nation status.

But in a nod to investors concerned about Brazil’s finances, she said Brazilians would not tolerate a government that spent beyond its means and vowed to make public spending more efficient.

You don’t often get politicians in America talking about eliminating poverty and, in the same breath, talk about fiscal discipline.  ‘Cause despite how these issues are discussed here in America, they really aren’t mutually exclusive concepts that cannot be achieved at the same time.

Brazil has been on the come-up for a minute. It’ll be interesting to see how Rousseff’s presidency progresses.