Civil Rights News: AZ Proposal Worse Than SB 1070?, Minorities Lack Retirement Savings, Indiana Republicans Won’t Fight WI-like Union Battle

Arizona Lawmakers Push New Round of Immigration Restrictions
New York Times

Sweeping immigration restrictions are being proposed by Arizona lawmakers that would bar undocumented immigrants from driving in the state, enrolling in public schools, and receiving public benefits.

“This bill is miles beyond S.B. 1070 in terms of its potential to roll back the rights and fundamental freedoms of both citizens and noncitizens alike,” said Alessandra Soler Meetze, executive director of the A.C.L.U. of Arizona. She said the measures would create “a ‘papers, please’ society” and that a new crime — “driving while undocumented” — would be added to the books.

While not guaranteed passage, this challenge to federal laws is being presented in the hope that the issue will be presented to the Supreme Court.

Poll Finds Blacks, Hispanics Fall Far Behind in Retirement Savings
Huffington Post

In a time of declining pensions and retirement savings, Blacks and Hispanics are significantly less likely to own stocks, bonds or mutual funds, a recent poll reported. While 50 percent of white workers have invested in personally controlled retirement savings, such investments are seen for only one in four African Americans and one in six Hispanics. This discrepancy reflects differences in wages, common industry types, and the retirement saving trends within those industries.

Indiana kills ‘right–to–work’ bill

Republicans in the Indiana state senate killed a proposed “right-to-work” bill that would cut back on the power of unions in the state. Senate Republican David Long urged House Speaker Brian Bosma not to pursue the bill “because of the chance it would blow up the session and we would have exactly the reaction we have out there,” referring to the public’s reaction in Wisconsin to a similar bill.

Compiled by Alice Thompson