On Challenges to the Health Care Reform Law

Simon Lazarus from the National Senior Citizens Law Center has a really good op-ed on explaining how opponents of the recently enacted health care reform law are challenging its constitutionality:

Further, opponents expanded their constitutional campaign to politics and the media. On all fronts, they have generally avoided frontally challenging the nearly wall-to-wall expert belief that the reform law’s “individual mandate” to purchase insurance passes muster with governing Supreme Court precedent. Instead, they have aimed at sowing doubt about whether, even if experts are right about constitutional law as it stands, existing precedent gives the federal government too much power. Toward this end, opponents have honed a set of core buzzwords and messages designed to reframe the debate and gradually shift the political and legal consensus. By the time the cases reach the Supreme Court, reform opponents hope it will seem legitimate for the court’s conservative majority to blow off judicial restraint, blow through loopholes in existing law, and effectively rewrite it.

Check out the whole thing.  What do you think?