Roberts’ Nomination to Chief Justice Raises Red Flags

Media 09.5,05

“Today President Bush made one of the most consequential nominations of his presidency. As our nation’s most important judge, the next Chief Justice will serve as steward of the rights, liberties and freedoms of all Americans for generations to come.

The Supreme Court needs the guidance of a Chief Justice without an ideological agenda, who can find common ground, lead the court through trying times and sort out some of this nation’s most emotionally-charged issues.

We need to ask ourselves whether John Roberts is the right person for this influential post. What we know of Roberts’ record raises warning flags on a number of important issues, including disturbing efforts to reshape civil rights policies such as court-ordered desegregation of public schools, as well as voting rights and Title IX implementation.

Given that the next Chief Justice will impact the lives of every American, the Bush administration has a clear obligation to the American public to provide the Senate with all requested records. President Reagan understood this obligation, and by working with the Senate, produced all relevant and requested documents when he elevated William Rehnquist to Chief Justice.

The nation’s next Chief Justice must not only manage the Courts’ business but must protect the constitutional rights, freedoms and legal safeguards of all Americans. We’re not sure whether the rights of all Americans will be safe in Roberts’ hands.”