Education Equity

Fighting to protect the civil rights of all students in America — regardless of background or zip code

Fighting Hate & Bias

America should be a place where every child, no matter their unique circumstances, can grow up to be what they dream. And yet our nation continues to create discriminatory barriers that unfairly limit or deny educational opportunity.

At The Leadership Conference, we work to transform public education so that all young people can attend safe, inclusive, and resourced schools that prepare them for successful futures. We also aim to transform education decision-making at the local, state, and federal levels so that diverse and intersectional voices drive reform.

Educational equity is a civil and human right. That’s why our coalition is leading a coordinated effort to protect the rights and safety of students with disabilities, survivors of sexual assault on campuses, students of color, and other vulnerable communities to ensure every student in America can forge the best path to their future.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

Recent Resources

Published by The Leadership Conference Education Fund in collaboration with member organizations of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

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Education Task Force

The Education Task Force works to ensure children in grades K-12 and students in higher education experience positive school climates, are safe in their academic environment, and have equitable access to high-quality educational services. Together, the members of the task force developed a comprehensive list of priority legislative initiatives that strive to protect and expand students’ civil rights, as well as remove barriers to education for historically marginalized students.

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