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Fighting for: Bill of Rights for Students and Parents

Parents want an inclusive education where all students are treated with respect and have the chance to learn and grow. Tell your representative to co-sponsor H.Res.219 now!

Justice Reform

Fighting For: Police Accountability

Our country needs to drastically reimagine its approach to public safety. Tell your senators to support transformative accountability legislation.

Voting Rights

Fighting for: Voting Rights

For democracy to work for us all, it must include us all. Now's the time to raise your voice and demand that your representative protects the voting rights of their constituents.

Fair Courts

Fighting For: Fair Courts

Tell your senators we need more Black women judges on our courts. Our civil and human rights depend on a judiciary that reflects our diverse nation.

Justice Reform

Fighting For: Justice

The MORE Act will enable equitable reinvestment in Black and Brown communities. Urge your representative to support the bill when it goes up for a vote.

Fight Hate & Bias

Fight Against Hate

We can’t let hate win. All families must be able to live freely and safely together. Tell the Senate to pass the NO BAN Act and stop this administration’s anti-Muslim bigotry!

Text "civil rights" to 40649

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