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The Fair Courts Program

The federal courts are not working for all of us. Too often, courts favor the wealthy and powerful over everyday people, creating corrupt outcomes and perpetuating inequality. For our democracy to work as it should, judges must be committed to achieving the promise inscribed on the Supreme Court: “Equal Justice Under Law.” That’s how we protect our rights — including voting rights, health care, LGBTQ equality, disability rights, protections for immigrants, rights of working people, freedom from discrimination based on religion, environmental protections, gun safety, and more.

Now, under the Biden administration and the 117th Congress, we have new opportunities to transform our courts for the better and ensure that judges will fight for the rights of everyone. We must demand a federal judiciary that will uphold the rights of all people in America. That means the White House and Senate must prioritize judges who have a demonstrated commitment to civil and human rights, who are fair-minded with a progressive vision of the law, and who reflect and represent the rich diversity of our nation. This diversity includes race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, ethnicity, national origin, socio-economic status, and experiential and professional background.

Congress must also pass legislation that modernizes and reforms our courts, including legislation on ethics reforms, such as extension of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges to apply to Supreme Court justices, and further transparency measures and court structure reforms such as expanding the number of authorized judgeships for circuit and district courts. Congress should also consider other structural reforms to the Supreme Court.

Key Resources

The Leadership Conference has a trove of fair courts resources available online — below are just our most recent. Check out our resource library to find more resources.

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The Coalition

Together with our coalition members and the Fair Courts Task Force, we educate the public about the impact of federal courts, evaluate the civil rights records of federal judicial nominees, talk to decision makers, and mobilize public participation in defense of a judiciary that recognizes and protects the rights of all people.

Capitol Hill

We work with Congress to demand the federal courts recognize and uphold civil rights. Both chambers of Congress must be vigilant in performing their respective duties. In addition to passing legislation to modernize our courts, senators must prioritize the selection and confirmation of diverse, pro-civil rights judicial nominees, and representatives must use their voices and influence to advocate for fair courts.


We build strategies to empower diverse community voices in the fight for our federal courts. By leveraging our coalition’s strength and organizing from the local to national levels, we are expanding and engaging new leaders, holding officials accountable, and bringing to light the courts’ impact on the issues that matter most.

Shaping the Narrative

We know that if you care about protecting civil and human rights, then you need to care about our federal courts. That is why — by leveraging online and digital tools — we are breaking new ground in creative storytelling to illustrate what is at stake in the fight for a fair and impartial judiciary.

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The Leadership Conference coalition has spent decades defending fair and impartial federal courts. As such, we have a trove of resources available online, from policy papers to advocacy and educational materials to media and creative content. Check out our resource library to learn more about the federal judiciary.

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