LCCR Disappointed that House Failed to Vote on Voting Rights Act Reauthorization Bill

Media 06.21.06

“We are extremely disappointed that the House did not vote today to renew and restore the Voting Rights Act because a small band of miscreants, at the last moment, hijacked this bipartisan, bicameral bill.

Those members who held up today’s vote represent retrogressive forces that America hasn’t seen at this level since the 1960s. Many of those trying to derail the Voting Rights Act represent states with the most egregious records of discrimination in voting– discrimination that continues to this day.

Despite progress made during the last four decades, barriers remain that impede full and equal minority voter rights.

We expect the leadership to move this bill past this small group of saboteurs. The nation’s continued progress toward equality demands it. The House should not recess until this bill is passed.”