LCCR Lauds Senate Introduction of Hate Crimes Bill

Media 04.12.07

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), the nation’s largest civil and human rights coalition, released the following statement on the Senate introduction of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crime Prevention Act of 2007 (LLECHPA):

“We applaud the Senate’s introduction of the hate crimes bill, which will give local communities the valuable support they need to combat hate violence.  The bill’s expansion of the definition of ‘hate crime’ to include gender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals and individuals with disabilities is long overdue.

The violent deaths of gay men and women like Michael Sandy, Rashawn Brazell, Andrew Anthos, Sakia Gunn, and Sean Donté Williams speaks to the urgent need for local law enforcement to have the necessary tools to beat back the worst forms of intolerance.  So does vandalism of a Clarksville, Tennessee Islamic Center last Friday.  And the rising violence against Latinos like Michael Ritcheson in the wake of divisive debate around immigration reform.

Congress should treat the LLECHPA like the vital civil rights legislation it is.  We look forward to swift passage of this important legislation in the House and the Senate.”