Senate Amends the Americans with Disabilities Act with Resounding Bipartisan Support

Media 09.11,08

“LCCR applauds Senate members for their overwhelming bipartisan support of the ADA Amendments Act, a bill that ensures that all Americans will be able to enjoy the same rights in the workplace. 


By passing this critical legislation, Congress has corrected an injustice that millions of Americans have endured, restoring the basic right to be judged by one’s ability – not one’s disability – in the workplace. 


This landmark bill will provide individuals with disabilities the same opportunity as all workers to participate in the American dream.”


Statement of Nancy Zirkin, Executive Vice President of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights


“The swift passage of this bill in both chambers is a testament to the power of coalition politics.  The business, disability and broader civil rights communities recognized the importance of fixing this bill and worked together to get it done, proving what can happen in government when different groups work together toward a common goal.”