Honor Martin Luther King Jr. by Volunteering in Your Community

Media 01.15,09

As Inauguration Day approaches, we are reminded that social justice activism has been integral in helping us reach this historical moment. But our work is not done; we urge you to renew your commitment to social justice by working in your own community to address inequity.

Throughout the country, LCCR and LCCREF work with local groups that are shining examples of how to create change on a local level. This past year, we partnered with the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance to organize a successful conference that brought immigrants, African Americans and Asians together to discuss how to build a more unified Mississippi.

And in Colorado, we partnered with Colorado Unity, a statewide coalition that educated voters about the importance of equal opportunity and made Colorado the first state to defeat an anti-equal opportunity ballot initiative.

Monday is the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service — an opportunity for you to honor Dr. King’s teachings of nonviolence and social justice by volunteering in your community, not just during this historic week but throughout the year.