New Attorney General Faces Difficult Task of Restoring Integrity of Justice Department

Today, Eric Holder was confirmed by the Senate to be attorney general (75-21), becoming the first African American to hold this position.

“The Senate’s quick action puts in place a leader who can restore morale and return the Justice Department to its historic mission of impartial justice and law enforcement,” said Wade Henderson, president and CEO of LCCR, in a statement.

During his confirmation hearings, Holder vowed to reform the Department of Justice, including its Civil Rights Division, which in recent years has been plagued with controversy over hiring policies and political interference in civil rights enforcement efforts. Holder called the Civil Rights Division the “conscience” of the Department and said he plans to revitalize the division.  

Holder previously served as deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration, as well as a Superior Court judge and U.S. attorney in the District of Columbia.