Civil Rights Community Applauds Confirmation of Dr. Groves

Media 07.13,09

“In confirming Dr. Robert Groves to head the Census Bureau, the nation will get a leader who is a widely respected survey methodologist and a leading authority on the issue of non-response in surveys.

His scientific expertise and professionalism will be essential to making sure that the census is as accurate and inclusive as possible.  His intimate knowledge of the bureau will ensure that the count is carried out in an efficient and effective manner.

When the census is off by even a small percentage, it can deprive local communities of millions of dollars in much needed federal aid for hospitals, schools, roads, disaster preparedness, and other public services.

We already know that nearly 14 percent of the U.S. population, most often from communities of color, are at risk of being missed because of language problems and migration caused by man-made and natural disasters.

With the census less than a year away, Dr. Groves will undoubtedly face some serious challenges, but we believe his training and experience have prepared him for this important job.”