In Huff Post Commentary, Vanita Gupta Urges Participation in Pivotal Midterms

WASHINGTON – In a Huffington Post opinion piece today, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights president and CEO Vanita Gupta emphasized the impact that next week’s midterm elections will have on the future of our democracy.

“People’s lives hang in the balance,” said Gupta. “Our votes can move the nation to a place where justice and fairness are no longer mere ideals, but the values driving the decisions of elected leaders every day.”

Gupta underscored the barriers to voting that millions of people, often those most marginalized, face on a national scale. Mounting obstacles to the ballot, like those most recently seen in Georgia and Florida, undermine the fundamental right to vote. Yet with concerted efforts by civil rights groups to advance structural change – coupled with high voter turnout – Gupta assured that all voices can be heard. “We have the power. We are the difference. Together, let’s call forth a new vision for America.”

The full opinion piece can be found here.

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