Our Local Partners

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is proud of the partnerships we build to address the important civil and human rights issues of our time. We work with our local partners including organizations, community leaders, organizers, local service providers, and individuals to create issue campaigns and advance efforts to inform the public about critical national issues that have an impact on local communities.

To implement the Local Partnership Program, the Department of Field Operations at The Leadership Conference is charged with:

  • Identifying partners of mutual interest;
  • Providing technical assistance and consultation on a number of issues and strategies;
  • Building and enhancing diverse participation in local coalitions; and
  • Assisting members of our national, state and local partners to coordinate effectively and implement strategies.

The Leadership Conference Local Partnership Program provides for exciting opportunities to forge coalitions that have an impact at the local and national levels in advancing civil and human rights. Below are some of the organizations that The Leadership Conference has partnered with over the years. If you or your organization is interested in learning more about how you can partner with us, email us at grassroots@civilrights.org.

Our Local Partners

*Please note:

If your organization is listed but prefers not to be listed as a local partner, or if we have worked with your organization in the past and you would like to be considered as an addition to this list, please send an email to grassroots@civilrights.org.