Civil and Human Rights Coalition Saddened by Senate Republican Rubber Stamping of Judicial Nominees

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WASHINGTON – Vanita Gupta, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, issued the following statement after the Senate confirmed four circuit court nominees this week:

“The Republican-led Senate has spent the last four days jamming through four of President Trump’s lifetime appointments for America’s second highest federal courts. Faced with his failure to deliver legislative achievements to Trump, and recognizing that federal courts have been rejecting the extremist policies of this administration, Majority Leader McConnell has sought to quickly change the landscape of the federal judiciary. In doing so, Trump and McConnell are trying to set back the progress our nation has made on civil and human rights.

Many of Trump’s judicial nominees are far out of the mainstream and will not perform their judicial duties with fairness and an open mind. They are ideological extremists who were handpicked by the ultraconservative Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation. They are also notable for their striking lack of personal and professional diversity. And despite Republican cries of mistreatment, the president’s judicial nominees are being confirmed at a record pace. Just yesterday, the Tweeter-in-Chief thanked McConnell for approving judges at ‘a record clip.’

It’s time for Senate Republicans to stand up to President Trump and stop serving as a rubber stamp for his extreme judicial nominees who will turn back the clock on civil and human rights in America.”

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