Media Technology

Podcast 06.10.24

S7 E7: Music and the Movement

June has been designated a month of awareness for several civil rights causes and constituencies. From LGBTQ Pride and Stonewall to Caribbean American Heritage and Juneteenth, the month reminds us of our ongoing efforts to achieve an America as good as its ideals. And as June is also designated Black Music Appreciation Month, we know that whatever the civil rights fight, music has been the soundtrack and a catalyst for change. Gospel’s freedom songs like "We Shall Overcome" gave voice to the struggle for racial equality in the 1950s and 60s, accompanying marches, rallies, and sit-ins. Today, hip hop music has become a powerful medium for championing the underserved and holding the powerful accountable on issues like police violence. This episode will explore music as a tool for resilience, solidarity, and activism as we advance all movements for justice and equality.

Podcast 02.1.24

S07 E03: Centering Tech and AI on Civil Rights

Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives. Thanks to technological advances, there are increased connections and efficiencies around how we learn, work, and play. However, technology, like every other aspect of our society, can perpetuate harms and inequities if we are not intentional around its development and implementation. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the perfect example of technology that could benefit humankind but is causing great harm through discrimination and disinformation. As we witnessed in recent elections, AI has been used to continue election interference tactics. And certainly, there are significant concerns around the way that AI will be used in the high stakes 2024 presidential election. In response to these concerns, last fall, the Leadership Conference established the Center on Civil Rights and Technology to anchor emerging and existing technology in civil rights. This episode will explore the latest tech and civil rights happenings, focusing on AI and misinformation. We will also introduce the Center and its work to ensure civil rights and technology go hand in hand.