U.S. Census Bureau Office of Strategic Alliances: Evergreen Census Partnerships Webinar

On December 13, 2021, The Leadership Conference Education Fund and the U.S. Census Bureau came together to discuss the Census Bureau’s newly formed Office of Strategic Alliances (OSA) — a division at the bureau to keep partners informed and engaged throughout the decade about various facets of planning for and conducting a census, as well as other important bureau surveys and programs. As a decade-long, evergreen partnership initiative, OSA seeks to expand Census Bureau data dissemination and continue collaborative efforts with national stakeholders to increase responses to the Census Bureau’s economic and demographic censuses and surveys.

Watch the recording to hear a presentation from the chief of OSA, Maria Malagon, followed by a discussion with all participants about how OSA can best engage with groups on the ground to inform the public about the importance of responding to census surveys.

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