Women's Equality Day Should be Every Day

Women’s Equality Day is about more than equal pay. It’s about our civil and human rights. It’s about the right to love who you choose and to live authentically. It’s about living without fear. Our coalition and the fierce women who help to lead it won’t stop until we are all equal.

Here are just a few of the ways we’re urging Congress to advance women’s rights:

H.R. 1: The For the People Act

The For the People Act is a bold, comprehensive reform package that offers solutions to a broken democracy. Because here’s what we know: When our democracy is in peril, so too are our civil and human rights.

H.R. 7: The Paycheck Fairness Act

The Paycheck Fairness Act would update and strengthen the Equal Pay Act of 1963 to provide more effective protection against sex-based pay discrimination. Equal pay is an issue of economic security and fundamental fairness, but for too many women, and especially women of color, it remains far from reality.

H.R. 5: The Equality Act

The Equality Act would ensure that LGBTQ people are protected against discrimination in housing, credit, education, and employment, and it would clarify and strengthen public accommodation antidiscrimination laws for all people.

H.R. 555: The Disability Integration Act

The Disability Integration Act would explicitly affirm the right of individuals with disabilities to receive at-home and community-based services and supports so they can be integrated into society and lead independent lives. Let’s be clear: The community integration of people with disabilities is a civil rights issue.

Fighting for fair courts

Our federal courts matter, and they’re constantly deciding cases that impact critical rights for women. If you care about women’s rights, then you need to care about the courts and the judges who are appointed to them – for life. Women in America need and deserve federal judges who will protect their rights, not roll them back.

H.R. 6: The Dream and Promise Act

The Dream and Promise Act offers a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) beneficiaries. The Trump administration’s consistent assault on the rights of immigrant communities demands congressional action now.

H.R. 4: The Voting Rights Advancement Act

The Voting Rights Advancement Act would restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and ensure that all eligible voters in America can make their voice heard free from racial discrimination. Without equal access to the ballot, we can’t make real progress on crucial women’s rights issues.

And of course, this is just the start: We need a reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. We need to raise the federal minimum wage and eliminate the tipped minimum wage and subminimum wage for certain working people with disabilities. We need to ensure that all working people have access to paid leave. And we need a comprehensive federal bill to address workplace harassment and discrimination.

Together our coalition fights on – for women, for civil and human rights, and for the America we all deserve.

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