Civil Rights Community Celebrates Anna Gomez’s Confirmation as Federal Communications Commissioner, Calls for Swift Reconfirmation of Commissioner Starks  

Contact: Mattie Goldman, [email protected]

WASHINGTON — Jesselyn McCurdy, executive vice president of government affairs at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, issued the following statement on the confirmation of Anna Gomez as FCC commissioner:

“Anna Gomez is an exemplary leader who is exceptionally qualified to join the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) given her more than 25 years of telecommunications law and policy experience and a proven track record of protecting civil rights. She will be the first Latino commissioner at the FCC in more than 20 years, bringing to the role a demonstrable dedication to equity, diversity, and the advancement of the constituencies served by The Leadership Conference.

“Gomez’s confirmation has been long overdue. The FCC has gone more than two years without a full commission. With the addition of her expertise and a full five-member commission in place, we urge the FCC to move swiftly to address the many priorities of the civil rights community, including setting forth rules regarding digital discrimination, ending discrimination in communications, and expanding broadband access and affordability for underserved communities. We look forward to collaborating with Gomez and her colleagues.

“We also continue to urge the Senate to swiftly reconfirm current FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks to ensure the FCC is fully staffed through the end of President Biden’s current term.”

Earlier this year, The Leadership Conference sent a letter to the Senate in support of the confirmation of Anna Gomez and Geoffrey Starks to serve as FCC commissioners.

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