LCCR Applauds Introduction of Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act

Media 03.27.01

“The Leadership Conference strongly supports passage of the Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act (LLEEA). We are pleased that so many members of Congress have shown their commitment to strengthening federal hate crimes laws.

The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act has wide support in Congress and among the American people. The majority of the Senate supported the LLEEA last year when it passed in a bi-partisan vote, 57 to 42; and the House passed a motion to instruct conferees in support of the measure, 232 to 192. The legislation also has the support of over 175 civil rights, religious, civic and law enforcement organizations, including 22 State Attorneys General, the National Sheriffs’ Association and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. A recent Gallup Poll showed that 83% of Americans say they would support expanding federal hate crime laws.

The Leadership Conference maintains its commitment to strengthening the federal government’s ability to combat hate crimes by easing jurisdictional obstacles and by giving federal prosecutors the ability to prosecute hate crimes that are based on sexual orientation, gender, or disability, along with those based on race, color, religion, and national origin.

Across the country, recent hate crime violence continues to demonstrate the need for this important legislation. Hate crimes are a corrosive blot on the fabric of humanity. The Leadership Conference urges Congress to act swiftly to pass the Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act.”