Grammy Winner Matthews Joins Leadership Conference in Campaign to Unite Americans

Media 10.3.01

Washington, D.C. – Today the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights/Education Fund launched a new public service announcement (PSA) campaign spearheaded by Grammy award-winning artist Dave Matthews, calling on viewers to reflect on the promise of America: that people who trace their heritage to every nation on Earth can live together with equal rights and mutual respect.

This series of PSAs, says Matthews, is designed to remind us that “We, as Americans and as members of the world community, must be united in our mourning, focused in our anger, and united in our resolve to find appropriate solutions. Let us find strength and comfort in the wisdom and diversity of this great land and not stray from the promise of America.”

Entitled “We are all Americans,” the PSAs were created with the pro bono assistance of world-renowned photographer Albert Watson. The spots feature a diverse cross-section of individuals and remind the nation, particularly during this time of crisis, that hate that divides Americans against each other, is distinctly un-American.

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights/Education Fund is providing educational resources and support for the PSA campaign. Through the web site and a toll-free number, 1-800-558-5233, the Leadership Conference will provide the public with anti-discrimination information and effective counteraction tools designed to prevent and respond to hate violence.

Watson said, “I was honored to respond to Dave Matthews’ call and lend a hand. It is critically important that we teach our youth and ourselves about our differences and in doing so, de-bunk the myths associated with people who are perceived as being different.” Watson added, “That is the greatest gift of America — that we can take a tragedy and turn it into a positive.”

The PSAs have been distributed to national television and cable networks and also will be aired online at

Additional support for the PSAs was provided by Jack Rovner, President, RCA Records and many other RCA Records staff. The Internet component of the campaign was created through the donated services of Highwheel Design Group, Inc. (