Roberts’ Hostility to Civil Rights Progress Unchanged Over 20 Years

Media 09.14,05

“In response to a series of probing questions regarding his stances on civil rights, voting rights, and gender discrimination, John Roberts has been at best evasive and at worst misleading.

His carefully crafted responses demonstrated that he is not only out of touch with the lives of ordinary Americans, but also that his views have changed little from when he was a political appointee in the Reagan administration.

Whether it is an African American seeking the right to vote or a young woman sexually harassed by her teacher or female students in search of fair treatment on a college campus, John Roberts supports narrow legal interpretations that minimize or diminish their rights.

Today is John Roberts’ last opportunity to tell members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and all Americans whether as Chief Justice of the United States he will fully protect their rights and freedoms, or lead the retreat on civil rights progress.”

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The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most diverse civil and human rights coalition.