President Obama Inspires Native American Community

Native Americans in the United States have high hopes that President Barack Obama will bring long hoped-for policy changes on issues important to their communities.

While visiting the Crow Reservation in Montana last May, Obama was adopted as an honorary member of the Crow Nation and given a native name that means “one who helps people throughout the land.” 

“To extend adoption to someone means that [the tribe] recognizes you as an individual who is aligned with them,” explained Richard Guest, senior staff attorney for the Native American Rights Fund, a non-profit organization devoted to protecting and defending Native American rights.

Artist Bunky Echohawk, who was inspired by Obama’s speech at the Crow Reservation and his “compassion for Native people,” created a painting of Barack Obama entitled, “Barack Black Eagle: He Who Helps People Throughout the Land,” at the Native Nations: Uniting for Change event during the Democratic National Convention.