Funding for Education in the Economic Recovery Bill

Education News 02.17,09

With at least 26 states enacting or proposing major budget cuts to K-12 education spending, the money for education in the economic recovery package that President Obama signed into law today could have a huge impact on struggling states and local school districts.

The new law earmarks about $80 billion for education spending, to be spent on saving or creating teaching jobs, updating school buildings and technology, special education, and the Early Head Start and Head Start programs.

“These are significant increases in federal education funding and they can be very helpful,” said David Goldberg, the senior counsel and senior policy analyst of LCCR.  “However, there are also missed opportunities here.  There is no funding for high school reform or English language learners.  We hope Congress will follow up quickly with targeted reforms and funding to address the dropout crisis and the needs of ELLs.”