New Video: Ensuring Every Voter Counts

Voting Rights 10.8,12

Politicians in dozens of states have enacted new laws and rules that threaten to limit who can vote. Students, people of color, low-income individuals, people with disabilities, and older Americans are the most likely communities to be affected by these laws.

But The Leadership Conference and many other advocacy groups and community members are rising to meet the challenge and fighting back. Working with allies at the local, state, and national levels, The Leadership Conference Education Fund has launched Every Voter Counts — a campaign to ensure that voters know their rights, understand the importance of their vote, and have what they need to overcome barriers to the right to vote.

Along with the recent victory against Pennsylvania’s unnecessary and harmful voter ID law, activists have been fighting in Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, and across the country to ensure that voters are informed about their right to vote.

The Leadership Conference Education Fund has put together a new video documentary that combines interviews and animation to talk about what’s at stake and highlight the work of partners in Colorado and Wisconsin. The video also tells the inspiring story of the Fair Elections Ohio campaign.