Despite Lies and Evasion, McConnell ‘Plows Right Through’ to Senate Vote on Kavanaugh

Courts 10.3,18

WASHINGTON – Vanita Gupta, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, issued the following statement on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filing cloture to advance Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full Senate:

“It is preposterous that McConnell is scheduling a vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination before the FBI has even finished its investigation. Kavanaugh is interviewing for a job, and this investigation is his background check into his character and fitness to serve impartially, his trustworthiness, and his temperament.  By filing for cloture, McConnell dismisses this investigation and the credible sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. It is the responsibility of all 100 senators to review and ensure the FBI’s updated background report on Brett Kavanaugh is comprehensive once it is completed.  The nomination to the Supreme Court is too important to be rushed.  The integrity of our highest court is at stake.”

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