Senate Must Continue to Build Equal Justice Judiciary During 118th Congress

Courts News 02.2,23

WASHINGTONLena Zwarensteyn, senior director of the fair courts program at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, released the following statement after the Senate Judiciary Committee’s executive business meeting to consider a number of President Biden’s judicial nominees:

“Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee took a critically important step towards ensuring that additional highly qualified and diverse judicial nominees will soon be serving on our federal courts. Many of the nominees voted on and held over today possess vital and underrepresented experience as civil rights lawyers and public defenders — including expertise in economic justice, voting rights, reproductive rights, and more. They also reflect our nation’s rich diversity and bring important lived experiences and additional perspectives that will improve judicial decision-making. We celebrate the progress made during the 117th Congress, including 97 lifetime judicial confirmations. We look forward to the prompt confirmation of these nominees and to continuing to work with Judiciary Committee Chair Durbin, Majority Leader Schumer, and all senators who are committed to building an equal justice judiciary that works for all of us.”

Read The Leadership Conference’s letters in support of nominees voted on today, including  Judge Daniel Calabretta (E.D. Cal.), Tiffany Cartwright (W.D. Wash.), Cindy Chung (3rd Cir., Penn.), Brad Garcia (D.C. Cir.), Judge Margaret Guzman (D. Mass.), Araceli Martínez-Olguín (N.D. Cal.), Natasha Merle (E.D.N.Y.), Justice Adrienne Nelson (D. Ore.), and Jamal Whitehead (W.D. Wash.).

Read The Leadership Conference’s letters in support of nominees held over today, including Nancy Abudu (11th Cir., Ga.), Rachel Bloomekatz (6th Cir., Ohio), Nusrat Choudhury (E.D.N.Y.), Jessica Clarke (S.D.N.Y.), Judge Todd Edelman (D.D.C), Dale Ho (S.D.N.Y.), Judge Myong Joun (D. Mass.), Judge Rita Lin (N.D. Cal.), Casey Pitts (N.D. Cal.), Julie Rikelman (1st Cir., Mass.), and Judge Hernán Vera (C.D. Cal.).

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