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Here Are 10 Things You Can Do To Stop White Supremacy

Every person in America should live their lives feeling safe and secure. Instead, white supremacists and other hateful actors attack immigrants, communities of color, and religious minorities with impunity — all under the Trump administration’s watch.

The tragedies in El Paso, Charleston, Charlottesville, Oak Creek, Pittsburgh, Louisville, and so many other places may have targeted different communities, but each was spurred by the same force:  white supremacy.

This violence does not emerge out of thin air. It is stoked in the minds of white supremacists when the president and his loyalists deploy divisive rhetoric and enact racist policies like the Muslim Ban, family separation, attempts to weaponize the census, and silencing voters of color. Words of hate beget acts of hate. Policies of violence beget acts of violence.

Enough is Enough.

If people of conscience and morals do not defend the soul of our democracy, then who will? The Leadership Conference works side-by-side with all who want America to be as good as it can be — for everyone.

Join us now in combating hate - commit to the fight against white supremacy with the actions below.

Speak Out
  1. Demand the President stop his hateful rhetoric and policies. Words have impact, especially when they come from the highest office in the land. We have seen the consequences of the President’s words and policies, and we must demand action. Sign this petition now to stop Trump’s hate.
  2. Tell social media companies to stop profiting off of hate. For the sake of public safety, social media companies cannot let the status quo of bigoted violence, intimidation and threats continue on their platforms.They must enforce their hate speech content policies. Tell Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to do the right thing and stop the racism that's endemic to their platforms.
  3. Hold your leaders accountable. Demand all of your elected officials, employers, and faith leaders speak out against white supremacy. Those in power must use their platforms to denounce hate each and every time. Tweet at your leaders and let them know #WhiteSupremacyKills. Demand they take a position against hate.
  4. Vote your Values. Our democracy works when we all participate fully in our elections. Vote your values this November and in 2020 to elect leaders that condemn white supremacy and protect communities of color. Register today and vote your values in November.
Demand Reform.
  1. Demand the Senate pass common-sense gun safety laws. U.S. Senate leadership has had over 200 days to take up gun safety legislation passed by the House. In just the first weekend of August, 31 people were killed in mass acts of gun violence in 24 hours, and on average 100 Americans will be shot and killed every day the Senate does not act. Demand that Senate Majority Leader McConnell convene an emergency session for common-sense gun safety laws now.
  2. Strengthen hate crimes laws. To fight hate, we must first understand it. In order to make meaningful progress toward combating violence against our most vulnerable communities, we must have reliable, accurate data collection. The bicameral, bipartisan Jabara Heyer NO HATE Act will improve our government’s approach to addressing hate. To honor Khalid Jabara, Heather Heyer, and all victims of hate, urge your members of Congress to co-sponsor and pass the Jabara Heyer NO HATE Act now.
  3. Protect our courts. Trump and Senate Republicans are stacking our federal courts with judges who are hostile to our civil and human rights. Of Trump’s 43 confirmed circuit court nominees, not a single one is African-American or Latinx. Not even one.We deserve judges that will protect the rights of all people, not only those of us who are white, male, and conservative. We need judges who will protect our constitutional rights, not promote a white supremacist agenda. Call your senators and demand that they protect our courts and vote no on extremist nominees.
All Are Welcome.
  1. Join the fight to end family separation and the dehumanization of immigrants. Trump’s racist policies like family separation, family detention, and the Muslim Ban are devestating our Latinx, Muslim, and immigrant communities. Call on all elected officials to oppose these raids and any policy that results in family separation.
  2. Refuse to be erased. The 2020 Census is just a few months away, and will have a lasting impact on the resources. If your community isn’t fully counted in the 2020 Census, you will miss out on political representation, on money for your children’s classrooms, on jobs and health care centers for the next 10 years. Trump’s racist attempt to weaponize the census by adding a citizenship question failed - and now it is time to make sure you are counted. Pledge to fill out the 2020 Census today.
You Are Not Alone.
  1. Share your story. We must first fight hate by documenting hate. By sharing acts of hate that you experienced or witnessed, you can access help and services, educate the public, and empower others. Report acts of hate to Communities Against Hate now. (English)(Spanish)
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