Our Court. Our Rights. Our Future

The civil rights community is united in our fight for a just and fair Supreme Court that protects the rights of all.

The people must be heard.

Millions of ballots have already been cast in this election. People want a Supreme Court that is just and fair and we are fighting for that Court. Trump has shown us again with this nomination that he is incapable of picking judges who will safeguard our rights. With the spread of COVID-19 at the highest levels of government, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans can no longer pretend that a rushed process to put this nominee on our Court is its most important business. Lives are at stake. The Senate must prioritize passing legislation to address the devastating effects of this pandemic not rushing through a nominee who would take health care access away from us. Under no circumstances should the Senate be considering a new Supreme Court justice until after inauguration.



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Contact your senators today and tell them they need to protect Justice Ginsburg’s legacy and ensure Trump doesn’t get to choose a third Supreme Court justice.

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Sign the petition to protect Justice Ginsburg’s legacy and stop Trump from choosing a third Supreme Court justice who will undermine our rights for decades to come. Join us in the fight for a Supreme Court that will recognize and protect the rights of all of us.

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Spread the word: Our rights are at risk. We cannot allow Trump to have a third Supreme Court justice to cement his anti-civil rights agenda for future generations.

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