Our Federal Courts Need More Openly LGBTQ Judges

Courts Resources 10.24.23

During the Biden administration, the Senate has confirmed 11 openly LGBTQ judges to lifetime seats on the federal bench. These confirmations have been important and historic, but more progress is needed to ensure that our federal courts both reflect and represent the vast and rich diversity of our nation.

Cases throughout the country on LGBTQ issues — including the rights of trans children to play sports, to access lifesaving health care, and to learn in safe and welcoming schools with inclusive curricula — have powerfully demonstrated the need for more federal judges who understand what’s at stake when these topics are litigated in federal court. Recent Supreme Court cases like 303 Creative v. Elenis have likewise illustrated the importance of federal judges who know that these cases are about the ability of queer people to live with dignity in a country that protects their right to openly live their lives authentically and proudly.

Our country needs more openly LGBTQ judges who understand the real consequences that their decisions carry. But throughout history, queer judges have been vastly underrepresented on our nation’s federal courts.

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