In The Hill, Warren Decries Senate Republicans’ Misplaced Priorities

Courts Resources 10.14,20

Contact: Rafael Medina, [email protected], 202.869.0390

WASHINGTON – In a piece for The Hill, LaShawn Warren, executive vice president of government affairs at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, underscores how Senate Republicans’ priorities are out of sync with what the people and communities need. She explains how the Senate majority continues to ignore every urgent priority, from providing economic relief from COVID-19 to making voting safe and secure to addressing police accountability. Instead, they are rushing to cement their grip on the Supreme Court and further roll back our civil and human rights, including stripping away health care access from millions.

Warren writes: “The Senate majority’s agenda is morally indefensible. It has been wrong throughout the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, wrong in response to desperate calls for police accountability, and wrong during this election season — this despite constituent calls for them to abandon their misplaced priorities. The hearing makes clear that Senate Republicans are living in an alternate reality. But they can no longer pretend that a rushed process to put their nominee on the court is its most important business.

She continues:When there’s so much at stake, why the rush?

“Senate Republicans are grasping any last chance to hold onto power well after public support has lapsed and their terms are over. The Senate should instead tend to the business of people and address the devastating effects of this pandemic, not rush through a nominee who would take away our health care access.”

The full text of the opinion piece is available here.

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