Dangerous EEOC Proposal Would Politicize Enforcement of Civil Rights

Contact: Charmaine Riley, [email protected], 202.548.7166

WASHINGTON – LaShawn Y. Warren, executive vice president of government affairs at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, issued the following statement ahead of the January 14 public meeting of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission where it is expected that the EEOC will vote to revoke the delegation of litigation authority that currently resides with the EEOC General Counsel: 

“Revocation of the delegation of litigation authority would be yet another attempt by the EEOC to impair its own civil rights enforcement. This change would detrimentally slow down the claims process by requiring commissioners to vote on all EEOC litigation, inevitably discourage people from filing claims, and threaten to politicize enforcement of civil rights. 

“We strongly oppose the creation of barriers that will delay justice and harm working people who rely on the Commission to promote and protect their rights. We urge the EEOC to reject this proposal.”

In December, The Leadership Conference signed onto a letter led by the National Women’s Law Center opposing the delegation of litigation authority. 

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