S04 E05: SHE-cession

Pod Squad

Image of Adrienne Lawrence Adrienne Lawrence Sr. Consultant at Jennifer Brown Consulting and Media + Legal Consultant at Bantam Impact @AdrienneLaw
Image of Jess Morales Rocketto Jess Morales Rocketto Co-Founder at Care in Action, Supermajority and She Se Puede. Co-Chair at Families Belong Together. @JessLivMo
Image of Kate Bahn Kate Bahn Director of Labor Market Policy at Washington Center for Equitable Growth and EVP of the International Association for Feminist Economics @LipstickEcon

Our Host

Photo of Vanessa N. Gonzalez Vanessa N. Gonzalez Executive Vice President of Field | The Leadership Conference @VNGinDC

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Episode Transcript

Transcript coming soon.