Pod for the Cause

Welcome to Pod for the Cause, The Leadership Conferences’ new podcast! We’ve joined the airwaves to help spark conversation and activism on some of the most critical issues of today.

From the courts to immigration, we’re seeing unprecedented attacks on the values we hold near and dear. At Pod for the Cause, we’re going to tackle these issues and more. Our friends in the movement will be stopping by to have these conversations, and they promise to be real, straightforward and honest.

This podcast was created for those of you wanting to effect change, who understand the importance of restoring our democracy and want to engage in deep conversation around the issues. So check out all episodes of Pod for the Cause and subscribe now!

S02 E03: We Are Democracy

/ 12.11,19

Pod for the Cause host Ashley Allison is joined by Cecile Richards, Mayra Macias, and Alicia Garza for a very special episode live from The Leadership Conference Education Fund's "We Are Democracy" conference to talk all about voter engagement and what candidates should be doing to reach the people.

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S01 E01: A Mother’s Day Tribute

/ 05.15,19

Ashley Allison, host of Pod for the Cause, interviews Marion Gray-Hopkins, executive director of Coalition of Concerned Mothers and Rhanda Dormeus, treasurer of Coalition of Concerned Mothers on how they turned their tragedy into advocacy. Both Gray-Hopkins and Dormeus lost their child at the hands of police violence.

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Introducing “Pod for the Cause” Podcast


The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights launched “Pod for the Cause” podcast to expand the conversation on critical civil and human rights challenges of our day: census, justice reform, policing, education, fighting hate & bias, judicial nominations, fair courts, voting rights, media & tech, economic security, immigration, and human rights. Through this expanded dialogue, we want to spur activism that drives change in our communities and country. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the show on your favorite podcast app and leave a 5-star review.

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Ashley Allison
Ashley Allison
Ashley Allison is the executive vice president of campaigns and programs at The Leadership Conference — a coalition of more than 200 civil and human rights organizations serving as the strategic hub of the resistance. Ashley brings more than a decade of outreach, community organizing, and campaign experience to the movement, along with an expertise in crisis management, coalition building, and strategic planning. She finds inspiration through any form of dance (especially African dance) and yoga. In her dreams she is an Olympic runner but in real life, she’s lucky to log two miles a week.

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