Welcome to Pod for the Cause, The Leadership Conference's new podcast!

We’ve joined the airwaves to help spark conversation and activism on some of the most critical issues of today.

From the courts to immigration, we’re seeing unprecedented attacks on the values we hold near and dear. At Pod for the Cause, we’re going to tackle these issues and more. Our friends in the movement will be stopping by to have these conversations, and they promise to be real, straightforward and honest.

This podcast was created for those of you wanting to effect change, who understand the importance of restoring our democracy and want to engage in deep conversation around the issues. So check out the first episode of Pod for the Cause, and subscribe below!

S02 E02: DACA – The Fight Continues
November 20, 2019

Pod for the Cause host Ashley Allison is joined by Martín Batalla Vidal, the lead plaintiff in the New York case McAleenan v. Vidal, to discuss DA...

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S02 E01: Let Our People Vote – The Fight Against Voter Suppression
November 3, 2019

To kick off season two, Pod for the Cause host Ashley Allison is joined by special guest Dawn-Lyen Gardner, star of Queen Sugar, to discuss voter s...

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S01 E09: Gun Violence – Thoughts, Prayers, Action & Reform
August 19, 2019

Pod for the Cause host Ashley Allison welcomes David Hogg, activist and co-founder of March For Our Lives and Zion Kelly, activist and student at F...

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S01 E08: Disability Rights Are Civil Rights
July 26, 2019

Pod for the Cause host Ashley Allison welcomes Vilissa Thompson, creator of #DisabilityTooWhite and founder of RampYourVoice, to discuss how disabi...

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S01 E07: What Do Freedom & Justice Look Like?
July 12, 2019

Pod for the Cause host Ashley Allison and the iconic Rev. Dr. William Barber II, president and senior lecturer of Repairers of the Breach and archi...

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S01 E06: Immigration – Keeping Families Together
July 2, 2019

Pod for the Cause host Ashley Allison and film director, author, and activist Paola Mendoza discuss immigration and family separation. The conversa...

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S01 E05: Out & Proud – Celebrating Pride Month
June 17, 2019

Pod for the Cause host Ashley Allison interviews actress and model, Isis King, to discuss her breakout role in When They See Us. The conversation i...

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S01 E04: My Body – My Choice
May 31, 2019

Pod for the Cause host Ashley Allison, Alabama Senator Vivian Figures, and Kimberly Inez McGuire, executive director of Unite for Reproductive &...

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S01 E03: Civic Engagement – Women Rally for Change
May 15, 2019

Ashley Allison, host of Pod for the Cause, interviews Ai-jen Poo, director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, co-director of Caring Across ...

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Ashley Allison is the executive vice president of campaigns and programs at The Leadership Conference — a coalition of more than 200 civil and human rights organizations serving as the strategic hub of the resistance. Ashley brings more than a decade of outreach, community organizing, and campaign experience to the movement, along with an expertise in crisis management, coalition building, and strategic planning. She finds inspiration through any form of dance (especially African dance) and yoga. In her dreams, she is an Olympic runner, but in real life, she’s lucky to log two miles a week.

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